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back again^^

I think I need to start counting how many times I "find" and then disappear from this place.

I disappear into school and games and then don't really keep up. looking at the sid gif makes reminds me I need to find a good photo editor. Photoshop is awesome but way to pricey and I'm scared to download a pirated copy. Maybe I'll put it on my xmas list this year and see if I can get a discount on it from school.

Ah need to remember to update my book subscription blah. off to do that now, I forgot it's due tomorrow O_o


wow just found the info on how to log in here and I can't believe my page is still here O_o

hahaha and I have my Sid gif still. that was the first time I ever made a gif XD woot woot

Dec. 13th, 2006

ok, so this is the fifth time but i'm back :P

my space done

well, it's done .......at least until i get bored with it^^, will add more stuff but at least it's not gimped anymore, lol


saving money for oni-con ^^ 12012 here i come^^

other than that ......... i got nothing>

Jun. 15th, 2006

well, i attempted to fix my myspace but it's not working so i gave up^^ for now. i promise to eventually fix it up. but i'm still hooked on ffxi. it's a drug!!! hmmm, need to find new job fast^^ other than that i'm watching family guy right now aned it's hilarious. well, gonna eat and then prob back to playing ffxi. hmmmm maybe not. i've been playing since 9 this morning and well, am too tired---maybe i'm getting sick ^_^
ok, i'm completely obsessed with final fantasy xi........ so even though i'm on compy allllllllll the time it's cuz i'm playing the game ^__^

BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! the movie "king and the clown" is available on clubbox........ http://clubbox.co.kr/naynay123

dl it now ........ can't wait to see it^^

ummmm, i have nothing else to post, oh, got laptop and as soon as i get my router maybe when i'm busy playing ffxi then i'll be logged into chat's on other compy so maybe we can all catch up ^^

yes, my myspace is completely jacked right now.......i'm working on it ^_~ i actually found some pics i want to photoshop into some sort of background and well, i don't really have any pix of me so i'll have to work on avatar and well spruce it up a bit.

it'll prob be a ffxi theme since that's my obsession .......... but the background prob be pix from http://www.hyung-taekim.org/

love this guy.....magna carta (video game) is sooooo pretty .... the artist hyung tae kim is korean (duh) and surprisingly loves making bishi boys and wellllllll i love the chicks to but i could do without the torpedo boobs @_@

chat with everyone soon ^*_*^
omg..........it's been so long

so i'm done with school and well, didn't pass two classes so i got super depressed and freaked out and well, now i know that i didn't get kicked out of school like i thought i was going to but i did loose my financial aid........ and omg, now i'm looking for second job cuz i need to pay tuition at least for fall O_O

and well, that's how my life has been these hellish few months!!!!!

also, i'm hooked on final fantasy xi......and so even though i'm on compy all the time it's to play this freakin' game and well, i need a life *_*

anyway, i will be updated everything daily so i will talk to you guys here............also i have a myspace (ewwwwww, i've joined the sheep) and i'll post the like but i think lj is my first and therefore my fav^^

luv you and miss you much..........yes i'm talking to you ^______^
wow, soooooooo much drama happening......thankfully not much to me personally.

one of my friends just turned 30 and she wanted to do something special so her other friend suggested about going out of town for a weekend.

so for the past 2 or 3 months she's been planning on going to Boston......i was invited and so march 3 we all took off for Boston.
i had to catch a later flight cuz i needed to take a quiz in the morning so my friend and 2 of her friends got to boston at 12pm and i landed at 5pm and then one more girl was landing at 7pm. anyway everything was going great until i landed....i took the airport subway to our hotel and called my friend so they could come down and get me from the train which was right in front of the hotel.
when i called the cellphone, my friend's other friend told me that they were in the hospital O_O

my friend went to get some ice at the hotel and the ice machine was in this room with a step and well, when she turned around she forgot about the step (who has steps into a vending machine room at a hotel?????????) and well, she fell!!!!

so, her foot was dislocated at the ankle........or so we thoughtO_O

she ended up breaking her ankle in 4 places and also dislocated the ankle and was centimeters away from the bone coming thru her skin O_________O

so she need to have surgery right away to fix her ankle and was in the hospital all weekend..............and so were we!!! and we couldn't fly back because she's already afraid of flying and with her not being able to walk on her foot completely yet it would've been a horrible risk.....plus they were worried about blood clots and other things. soooooooooo, me and another friend rented a car and ended up driving from boston back to chicago with her.........and instead of getting home on monday after what was supposed to be a great birthday trip for my friend, 3 of us got home wednesday night after spending most of our time in massachusettes general hospital^^ but they had a great gift shop so i bought myself some cute notebooks and stationary^__^

the best part is (well, not really) she had to have ankle surgery again because the doctor's put the wrong type of screws in one part of her ankle><

oh, well, we laugh at her that this is going to be a birthday she will never forget^^

so for some fun news........i'm on spring break....yaaaaaaaaaaay

so i will be online constantly (unless i'm at work) so i want to chat with all of you^^

Feb. 21st, 2006

well, kind of stressed......many exams, running out of money, compy is breaking, and my ipod is officially dead;-;. i'm going to boston next weekend and there's so much to do before........but i can't wait cuz it'll be a way to hide from my responsibilities.

OMG...i need to do my taxes too!!!

bleh, life sux.

Feb. 14th, 2006

here's my clubbox url:


i uploaded "kyou kara mahou" eps. 1-20 on it ....it's under kkm^^

enjoy...i'll upload the rest soon!!



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